Some days… art crawl

The thing about the creative spirit is … a pandemic cannot stop it. I completed my first screenplay and am writing a short for a local group. That should be finished this week and then I’ll focus on the second feature, Luckily as a flight attendant I still get to see some art. Note the images below are my android snapshots, not perfect.

The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light by Claude Monet (Getty Museum)

The day before the Getty shut down in LA, I went to see the piece (above) from Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series. Note the way he didn’t paint the stones, he painted the light reflecting off them.

It changed the way many artists depicted light through the 20th Century – and today. I needed to see it in person ’cause one of it’s sister paintings is in my next book. If you click the red text, it takes you to a SmartHistory video that’ll teach you all about Monet’s incredible techniques for creating the series.

And then I got to discover this incredible print:

by Käthe Kollwitz
(Getty Museum)

I’m a huge fan of printmakers like Daumier and this was so powerful, it stuck with me all this time. The exhibit text asks us to note the foreshortening that reflects the assault on her humanity. The whole thing reduces her to the way she feels – and that isn’t human or alive. The Getty still has some of Kollwitz’s information online. If you click over, go down to “selected works” to see “The People”. It was created in 1923 yet still feels so relevant today.

And here are two works from my life. This first is the tiniest work in my tiny personal collection. It’s a “sticker” I purchased in a tiny gallery attached to The Last Bookstore in downtown LA. If you look at it from different angles, it morphs into a different face – and I admire the dark, violent energy, the colors… what an artist can do with four square inches!

“Listening” by ???

There’s no artist name, only the title on the envelope. And I bought the little sticker as a way of getting back to that artist so I could buy something bigger, later. If you know who it is, please tell me.

And back home, this mural just came up across the street.. Seeds.

Here’s me, thriller writer and on-paper serial killer, SOBBING (unfiltered) as I write the character, Marvin, out of the screenplay. I knew he needed to go, but … Some Days!

sobbing over a character