This book went out if print when the publisher ceased operations in July 2015

Who Stole the Trent Diamond?

Published in October of 2012 by Buzz Books USA as a prequel to DISTORTION, “Retribution” was a short caper about Adele Proust early in her relationship with Jack Thomas.

By Amazon reviewer, J. Luton, “This short story is a “prequel” to the must-read novel, “Distortion.” We get a sweet little taste of Adele … her character … her creativity … and her dashing activist boyfriend. Add in a diamond heist, a dangerous rappelling caper and the compelling cause of ‘blood diamonds,’ and you’ve got a great short story and fun read!”

Plot: Adele Proust is a private person who prefers to explore her world through art and shares her opinions and fights her battles with a paintbrush and canvas. Jack Thomas lives and breathes his activism and has become a lightning rod for controversy—and police attention. When someone steals a priceless blood diamond that Jack targeted in a protest, can Adele trust that his involvement isn’t more than coincidence? As Adele does things she never imagined to defend Jack, she learns to trust his activist friend, Marvin Welsh.

This Kindle-only book went out of print July 2015.

Many events thanks to Buzz Books
Many events thanks to Buzz Books

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