Denise Duong at the Plaza Walls Mural Fest
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Art Crawl: the unexpected

(Above: Artist Denise Duong takes a break from her mural) 1) If you say, "Degas," most people think "ballet paintings," but the Houston Museum of Fine Arts exhibit exposes a different, unexpected body of work. I never anticipated his full range of styles and visions. Samples are included in the video below but I recommend… Continue reading Art Crawl: the unexpected

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Art Crawl: Resurrection

This morning as the world is celebrating Resurrection, my thoughts are spiraling on the women of Nigeria, the heroes of Ireland's Easter Rising and the role of art in elevating our world, our everyday existance.  Art's transformative power has never been more needed. Ephemeral images endure in our hearts' memory:   No matter how subtle:  … Continue reading Art Crawl: Resurrection

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Art Crawl: Insights

Ice storm outside. I need a distraction and enjoy the way art offers fresh insights or flips my viewpoint. Here's some I enjoyed this month. I'll let the work speak for itself. Over at PLAZM, I immediately connected with the ragamuffin distortions of Portland artist, Storm Tharp.  The online gallery features twenty brilliant works online.  … Continue reading Art Crawl: Insights