Writing Art: Working with Light

When creating visual art, the artist utilizes light from around him, from within the painting or sculpture, and as a part of the void where his medium is not. The lighting becomes an integral piece of the final statement and smart artists spend hours ensuring that their work is displayed in the best possible light. For my research on noir fiction, I watched many “B” … Continue reading Writing Art: Working with Light

Art in Progress: John Delk’s “Bang!”

John Delk is not only a great, celebrated artist, he’s also my former house-mate.  We shared an old bungalow on Colquitt (I think).  John has always been an exceptionally thoughtful person.  You can start a shallow chat with him, but end up having a deep philosophical discussion.  When I asked him to appear here, he was kind enough to send a photo of himself–I feel … Continue reading Art in Progress: John Delk’s “Bang!”