The World Needs Your Truth

The arts connect us with feelings and experiences. They amplify the power of our wisdom, but only when we open up to connect. It’s a two way street. To pave it, you have to lay out your raw vulnerable truth and let other people drive all over it. On Saturday, May 7, I’ll be speaking at the Menilfest/Gulf Coast Indie Book Fair on “Sharing Our Truths.” … Continue reading The World Needs Your Truth

Going Full Circle

(Photo above is in the cafe at Full Circle Books.) Scissortail was just great.  It’s this quiet, but crowded literary fest filled with a bunch of professors and literary editors sharing their own words.  And they are AWESOME. Each poet or author reads their own work for 15-20 minutes. A couple of my faves were Brent Newsome, Mary Anna Evans and Elizabeth Raby. (Okay, that was … Continue reading Going Full Circle

Scissortail and a Brain Tumor

Y’all I’m so honored to be reading at the Scissortail Creative Writing Festival along with Naomi Shahib Nye, Rilla Askew, Oklahoma Poet Laureate Dr. Benjamin Myers, and many other great writers.  Why in the heck would they choose me?  You’ll have to ask Dr. Ken Hada that, but I think the subject of my reading was at least part of it. Make more with your … Continue reading Scissortail and a Brain Tumor

Shock, Startle and Inspire

Those are words the publisher uses to describe Veils, Halos and Shackles, an international anthology of raw, powerful poetry on the oppression and empowerment of women.  As a contributor, I have to confess that none of those things had anything to do with my creating the poem that went into it.  Writers cannot always describe inspiration, but in this case, I can. When a tumor, … Continue reading Shock, Startle and Inspire

Let’s get together

With the release of Veils, Halos and Shackles this spring, I’m coming out of my self-imposed hermit-dom to promote its worthy cause. So here’s the schedule. I’ll add a few online and radio interviews as the time approaches. Hope you can make one of these: March 31-April 2 Scissortail Creative Writing Festival I’ll be reading from Veils, a short story and several non-fiction shorts with … Continue reading Let’s get together