Mystery, Magic and the Aha! of the Reveal

Good morning! By surprise, I’m today’s guest on the Blood-Red Pencil, one of the best mystery craft blogs online. It’s written by a group of mystery editors and established authors.  I’m totally honored to guest on a  blog that TAUGHT ME so much as I wrote the first book.  So instead of commenting here, y’all go visit my post–and the others–and please comment so they … Continue reading Mystery, Magic and the Aha! of the Reveal

In person or in your ear

Update Jan. 2015: I’ve noticed no new posts at Crime City Central so wanted to highlight their exquisite podcast again.  I hope you’ll not only listen to the first chapter of Distortion, but also click around for whole lotta great crime fiction.  This show was put together by volunteers in the tradition of an old-tyme radio hour.  Great crew and great memories (see below)  ~ … Continue reading In person or in your ear

Voice like Billie’s

When Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, or even Rob Thomas sings a tune, you know exactly who is singing before the artist is identified. Another person could sing the same lyrics in the same tone, but wouldn’t have their unique voice.  For example, here are clips of Billie Holiday and Janice Joplin singing Summertime: Background: Great writers also have a unique “voice,” –but if it isn’t … Continue reading Voice like Billie’s