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A Passion for Story

Writing for me boils down to one thing:  passion, the drive to tell my stories. To stay authentic, to keep being myself, that passion has to drive all my writing decisions. With my boys gone, I’m devoting most of my free time to writing–and savoring every moment of living in this story world. Perhaps not being able to write for a while made me appreciate … Continue reading A Passion for Story


Writing. In daily life it feels selfish. We all have jobs, commitments and family. We all have to give ourselves permission to “waste” hours that could have been better-spent cleaning house, studying up for a promotion, or going out with the kids. In my case, having just separated I feel the pressure to be both parents. When the separation first happened, I felt guilty about … Continue reading Permission

Let’s get together

With the release of Veils, Halos and Shackles this spring, I’m coming out of my self-imposed hermit-dom to promote its worthy cause. So here’s the schedule. I’ll add a few online and radio interviews as the time approaches. Hope you can make one of these: March 31-April 2 Scissortail Creative Writing Festival I’ll be reading from Veils, a short story and several non-fiction shorts with … Continue reading Let’s get together

Thursday Night Art Crawl: Read Not the News!

Who needs news when we have faces to read?  Expressions drawn by Honore Daumier jump right off the page to make you smile, ponder or even cry.  Here is a wonderful exhibit of Daumier’s drawings on “Reading,”: I love the dreamy image of the man on right. Visit the full Daumier Online Register for information on all of its exhibits. And from New York a … Continue reading Thursday Night Art Crawl: Read Not the News!