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For Art Focus: Photo/Synthesis

Some exhibits are so big I can barely walk through without a lunch break. Will Wilson's Photo/Synthesis was not that huge physically. I didn't need a sandwich. Photo/Synthesis was mammoth on my mind. It invigorated my curiosity, dismantled my preconceptions and surprised me with controversy--yeah, we'll get to that. I came to see powerful portraits and… Continue reading For Art Focus: Photo/Synthesis

Denise Duong at the Plaza Walls Mural Fest
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Art Crawl: the unexpected

(Above: Artist Denise Duong takes a break from her mural) 1) If you say, "Degas," most people think "ballet paintings," but the Houston Museum of Fine Arts exhibit exposes a different, unexpected body of work. I never anticipated his full range of styles and visions. Samples are included in the video below but I recommend… Continue reading Art Crawl: the unexpected

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Art Crawl: Insights

Ice storm outside. I need a distraction and enjoy the way art offers fresh insights or flips my viewpoint. Here's some I enjoyed this month. I'll let the work speak for itself. Over at PLAZM, I immediately connected with the ragamuffin distortions of Portland artist, Storm Tharp.  The online gallery features twenty brilliant works online.  … Continue reading Art Crawl: Insights

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The Power of Love, Not Love Stories

My latest Book Buzz column is all about different types of love: siblings, communities and mentors. Not enough page space is given to these themes so I wanted to focus on three books with plots that turn on the loves we all share. Take a look at the whole magazine. Great times yesterday at the… Continue reading The Power of Love, Not Love Stories