“Creators” will you “All Fall Down”?

Art inspires new ideas. The main reason I freelance is to feed my creative impulse.  Two new articles accomplished just that:   Inspired by a faculty exhibit at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, “Creators” is all about the magnificent cracks in each life. I highly recommend the exhibit, including the image I feature at the top of this post by Audrey Schmitz, and the entire … Continue reading “Creators” will you “All Fall Down”?

My latest ion column: Ch-ch-changes!

My new book column is up and it’s all about handling change.  The story is pp. 60-61: In the meantime, my new day job has taken much of my writing time but I have some great news to report:  I’ve had much less swelling of the brain and have been able to stop taking my recovery meds unless I have a flare-up. The result has been … Continue reading My latest ion column: Ch-ch-changes!