Art Crawl: A note from the Voiceless

This is a time for courage.  We cannot stand back. “Art is really about that moment. I just couldn’t take it any longer,” said artist Phillip Hyman about his hooded angel.  (Click the image for the full story at CNN.) We have to stand together against hate. The art of protest can have an impact. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not … Continue reading Art Crawl: A note from the Voiceless

What Resonates

(Image by Dennis Hodges.  More on his work below) Climbing up the Gloss Mountains, I considered the plight of the Cherokee to whom the US allocated this land in 1835. We began taking it from them again within a generation. How did that feel? How did they actually stand up and face their children—by culture, the next seven generations? In 1893, thousands of settlers lined … Continue reading What Resonates

Silence would be a lie

Know much about the Maldives?  Me neither. The #FreeLucas hashtag got me curious this morning so I read up on the growing repression there and the missing journalists.  It’s an old story: * demagogue in office, any voices of opposition disappear; * Journalists looking for the missing disappear too; And back home in the United States, the Republican Party just elected a demagogue to be … Continue reading Silence would be a lie

The power in getting off your duff

Katrina. It’s a sentence, a novel—APOCALYPSE. Having grown up partly in New Orleans and nearby Slidell, I wasn’t shocked by Katrina, only outraged. Days before the storm, I remember sitting in my living room yelling at the TV, “Where are the fricking buses? NOLA people don’t have cars.” After the levees broke, I sat there yelling, “Where’s the Coast Guard, the Navy, anyone?” And when … Continue reading The power in getting off your duff

Fire and Ice: August Absolute Write Blog Chain

So it’s 112 degrees outside, dozens of wildfires are still raging across my state, and the greatest minds in the world are developing new apps for the iPhone? Seriously folks, the planet needs some attention—but what can we normal folks do about it? I live in the Bible Belt where much of the past five years has been spent denying that global warming existed. Of … Continue reading Fire and Ice: August Absolute Write Blog Chain