Great Brain News and Stuff I Can’t Talk About

I drove my son to the airport for college orientation, sniff, sniff, and took the opportunity to see my neurologist in the City. PHENOMENAL BRAIN NEWS: my fiction problem is likely caused by my meds, not my brain, WHEW! This news gives me SO MUCH HOPE. My tradeoff is that this medication has otherwise restored my normal life. I am back to everything else and … Continue reading Great Brain News and Stuff I Can’t Talk About


An idea sends you into action. You can’t stop thinking about it—this magnificent concept that will make some small corner of the planet brighter, smarter, more connected. Sure, maybe it’s just a corner, but if everyone did just one corner… So I’ve been working on a little art project in my small town and can share that I’m just thrilled with the welcoming response from … Continue reading Catalysts


My appreciation to All Mystery E-Newsletter for recommending DISTORTION to their subscribers.  If you love mystery, you should really belong to their list.  The Thursday “Dirt Cheap Mystery Reads”  picks the best sale or reduced- priced books each week so you can steal a great crime novel. Seems appropriate. Or you can check out DISTORTION at some libraries. Here’s a photo from the time I … Continue reading THANKS!

Suspense for a Long Weekend and Beyond

Thanks to Ebook Discovery for including DISTORTION in their “Not for the Faint of Heart” thriller selections for the day. there are several great selections on the list, including some free ones so check it out here: I have sort of withdrawn from the book promotion arena lately so it’s a nice surprise when someone is kind enough to bring up DISTORTION. I hope to … Continue reading Suspense for a Long Weekend and Beyond