A Killer Weekend

  Knock me over with a feather.  I’ve been awarded the Lisa Jackson Scholarship to attend Killer Nashville, all expenses paid.  It’s a huge con for my genre that I’ve always wanted to attend but could never quite swing the airfare, hotel, fees and time off.  This is a dream come true, thank you Ms Jackson and Scholarship Committee!   The con has sessions on … Continue reading A Killer Weekend


Writing. In daily life it feels selfish. We all have jobs, commitments and family. We all have to give ourselves permission to “waste” hours that could have been better-spent cleaning house, studying up for a promotion, or going out with the kids. In my case, having just separated I feel the pressure to be both parents. When the separation first happened, I felt guilty about … Continue reading Permission

For Art Focus: Photo/Synthesis

Some exhibits are so big I can barely walk through without a lunch break. Will Wilson’s Photo/Synthesis was not that huge physically. I didn’t need a sandwich. Photo/Synthesis was mammoth on my mind. It invigorated my curiosity, dismantled my preconceptions and surprised me with controversy–yeah, we’ll get to that. I came to see powerful portraits and found those plus… Featured image: Will Wilson (U.S., Navajo; b. … Continue reading For Art Focus: Photo/Synthesis