Acoustic Neuroma? What the heck?

(The image above is “Patient Girl,” by LA artists, the Clayton Brothers. Experience more of their work at Print Magazine or their website. Used with permission.) This is AN Awareness Week, part of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, so I wanted to share a few facts about that little stowaway inside my head. First, an acoustic neuroma (AN) is a tumor of the ear/brain/balance/facial nerves. Here’s what a small … Continue reading Acoustic Neuroma? What the heck?

The Problem with Being “Fine”

This post is in honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month and ANA Awareness Week May10-16. . Most people would rather not talk about the tumor. Plus it’s over, right? Docs took IT out two years ago. Why talk about it now? You’re fine. Except I wasn’t. Sure, I kept telling myself all was better now, as fine as could be expected. Refused to look at … Continue reading The Problem with Being “Fine”