Art Crawl: Get me through this week!

Heading into the holiday, most of us will be surrounded by family, some like me will not, but the holiday vibe got me thinking about heritage, place and self-determination. How much of who we are is tied up in FAMILY – or community? How much in the FREEDOM to live the life we choose?  Here are some online exhibitions to browse while pondering:  Between Worlds at … Continue reading Art Crawl: Get me through this week!

The World Needs Your Truth

The arts connect us with feelings and experiences. They amplify the power of our wisdom, but only when we open up to connect. It’s a two way street. To pave it, you have to lay out your raw vulnerable truth and let other people drive all over it. On Saturday, May 7, I’ll be speaking at the Menilfest/Gulf Coast Indie Book Fair on “Sharing Our Truths.” … Continue reading The World Needs Your Truth

Words, picture, potential.

The past week ushered in changes:  a new physician leading my team, another scholarship for my son, plans for an art exhibit in my hometown and a pristine, new writing project. Sometimes change can feel scary, but right now it just feels great! Check out my words in a simple little story at the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition blog, then bookmark the blog. It’s chock-full … Continue reading Words, picture, potential.

Thursday Night Art Crawl: Read Not the News!

Who needs news when we have faces to read?  Expressions drawn by Honore Daumier jump right off the page to make you smile, ponder or even cry.  Here is a wonderful exhibit of Daumier’s drawings on “Reading,”: I love the dreamy image of the man on right. Visit the full Daumier Online Register for information on all of its exhibits. And from New York a … Continue reading Thursday Night Art Crawl: Read Not the News!