Art Crawl: Get me through this week!

Heading into the holiday, most of us will be surrounded by family, some like me will not, but the holiday vibe got me thinking about heritage, place and self-determination. How much of who we are is tied up in FAMILY – or community? How much in the FREEDOM to live the life we choose?  Here are some online exhibitions to browse while pondering:  Between Worlds at … Continue reading Art Crawl: Get me through this week!

Art After Steroids

Prickly sensations filled my brain this week as a steroid pack lessened my post-surgery swelling. I’m not sure it will help long-term, but for now I feel awesome. Tonight’s art crawl opens with “Patient Girl” by the Clayton Brothers. Be sure to click through to the Print Magazine article as it contains loads of their work including “Wishy Washy” which will be featured in the … Continue reading Art After Steroids