All a-Buzz



Less than a year ago, I met an  editor at the Oklahoma Writers Con,   She smiled, seemed nicer than some, and we chatted for about ten minutes.  Amazing how one conversation can change a life.

Mari Farthing is the senior editor for Buzz Books and that chat led to my sending them my full within hours, a few quick little negotiations and soon a publishing contract.  Felt kinda scary.  At one point I had lunch with Buzz founder, Malena Lott.  She wiped out my fears.

In this exciting new world of publishing 21st Century, nothing seems secure.  Bookshops are disappearing like flies in the drought.  Big publishers are fighting with tiny indies and self-published authors for readers’ attention.  Yet self publishing was never an option for me.  I have two kids approaching college age–no chance I could spend what was needed.

So back to Buzz Books USA:  I’m so grateful that Malena could see through all the down-talk about publishing and start a new business, a new vision for publishing AND promoting books. The industry needs more visionaries.

Happy Birthday Buzz Books USA!  At two, you’re now officially a toddler.

Y’all pop over to their website to check out ALL the great books, not just mine.  But do note that red one that seems to  stand out from the rest.

I love the cover, Malena!


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