Lucie Smoker’s imagination grew up in A Little House on the Prairie and at 221B Baker Street. Her first crime novel, Distortion, reached the Kindle Top Ten in Crime Fiction – Murder (Feb. 2014).  Featured in Veils, Halos and Shackles: International Poetry on the Oppression and Empowerment of Women (April 2016, Kasva Press) and The Best Advice in Six Words (Nov. 2015, St. Martin’s Griffin), Lucie’s nonfiction has appeared in Salon, BrainChild, Your Teen, Smith Magazine‘s Six-Word Memoirs Project, The Blood-Red Pencil and OutsideIn Literary Travel Magazine amongst many. She writes regularly for Art Focus Oklahoma and ionOklahoma Magazines.

For more, listen to her interview with KPFT’s Ernesto Aguilar, thanks to Pacifica Radio Houston.

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