Oklahoma artist Stephen Grounds at the Plaza Walls Mural Expo

Art Crawl: What you never expected

If you say, “Degas,” most people think “ballet paintings,” but the Houston Museum of Fine Arts exhibit exposes a different, unexpected body of work. I never anticipated his full range of vision. Samples are included in the video below but I recommend the show itself. It’s one of those things you can only fully experience in person — like the feeling that the right sister in … Continue reading Art Crawl: What you never expected

Image by Dennis Hodges from "A Sense of His Soul," Fred Jones Jr. Museum, Norman, OK

What Resonates

Climbing up the Gloss Mountains, I considered the plight of the Cherokee who had been allocated this Oklahoma land in 1835 and began losing it to Anglos within a generation. How did that feel? How did they actually stand up and face their children—by culture, the next seven generations?   Back in 1893, thousands of settlers lined up for a chance to race against others … Continue reading What Resonates

Silence would be a lie

Know much about the Maldives?  Me neither. The #FreeLucas hashtag got me curious this morning so I read up on the growing repression there and the missing journalists.  It’s an old story: * demagogue in office, any voices of opposition disappear; * Journalists looking for the missing disappear too; And back home in the United States, the Republican Party just elected a demagogue to be … Continue reading Silence would be a lie

To Rolihlahla, “the rebel”

Originally posted on Reverse Perspective:
Mandela, still the people’s lawyer, burning his passbook, a document used by the government to control the movements of black South Africans Yes, he was profoundly great. But no matter how great his words–and his deeds–one cannot see Mandela without looking in reverse perspective. You have to look at his impact on the people around him … and around the… Continue reading To Rolihlahla, “the rebel”