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Trust Me, Your Story is Relevant

As I finish preparing Paradox for beta readers, a new book has grabbed hold of my psyche.  It’s one that’s been rattling around in my head for quite a while now, unrelated to the Adele Proust mysteries, and now I can let it out. Still suspense, it’s partially based in a place, the Shetland Islands, partly in an experience I had there, and partly in … Continue reading Trust Me, Your Story is Relevant


Coming soon: Veils, Halos and Shackles

While I don’t often publish my poetry, I’m honored to be a tiny part of this project. My contribution, “In a Shard of the Bedroom Mirror,” came out of feelings from an abusive relationship that came streaming out after my brain surgery. From Kasva Press: Words kill…. But words can also heal The December 2012 rape and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey in Delhi moved … Continue reading Coming soon: Veils, Halos and Shackles


The Power of Love, Not Love Stories

My latest Book Buzz column is all about different types of love: siblings, communities and mentors. Not enough page space is given to these themes so I wanted to focus on three books with plots that turn on the loves we all share. Take a look at the whole magazine. Great times yesterday at the Summer Word Slam. I really could not keep writing without … Continue reading The Power of Love, Not Love Stories

Summer Word Slam '15

Summer Word Slam

The power’s in our words and writers from all over northwest Oklahoma will be coming together today to share short readings —both prose and verse.  We’ll also be signing books and listening to the new writers that come to our open mic.  I hope if you’re in south Kansas or Oklahoma, you’ll drop by for the fun.  Always a surprise will jump out and spook … Continue reading Summer Word Slam

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The Problem with Being “Fine”

This post is in honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month and ANA Awareness Week May10-16. . Most people would rather not talk about the tumor. Plus it’s over, right? Docs took IT out two years ago. Why talk about it now? You’re fine. Except I wasn’t. Sure, I kept telling myself all was better now, as fine as could be expected. Refused to look at … Continue reading The Problem with Being “Fine”

Photo of Chefchaouen by Anastasia Sofia Jones, "Gallivant Girl"

Blue Duende

(Photo above by Anastasia Sofia Jones at Gallivant Y’all have been so supportive that to thank you I’m sharing a scene from the middle of PARADOX. You don’t have to know much about the story to “get” this scene: Adele is an art crimes investigator. Mark is a dark ops agent assisting her in Morocco. Eannatum is a 12-inch, stolen Mesopotamian sculpture. And duende … Continue reading Blue Duende