“Creators” will you “All Fall Down?”

Art inspires new ideas. The main reason I freelance is to feed my creative impulse.  Two new articles accomplished just that:

Click through to read the whole magazine online. "Creators: An Art Party of Ideas" is on page 12
Click through to read the whole magazine online. “Creators: An Art Party of Ideas” is on page 12

Inspired by a faculty exhibit at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, “Creators” is all about the magnificent cracks in each life. I highly recommend the exhibit, including the image I feature at the top of this post by Audrey Schmitz, and the entire issue of Art Focus.

And I was honored to interview NY Times bestselling author, Ally Carter, for my ionOklahoma book column this month. She’s amazing!



Click through to read the entire magazine online.
Click through to read the entire magazine online.

Bending Time and Brainpower

Sorry to be so silent lately.  I’m crunching out some ideas for a feature.  After the brain surgery, I felt a creative rejuvenation beyond the everyday until I had a brain “incident” last February and had to slow way down. Now I feel a similar, boundless energy but not from recovery, from writing.

If you can imagine it, you can make it happen was my motto for many years. I’m writing from that space just now. Fewer features since I’m working full time but still committed to my regular clients.

In the meantime, I want to congratulate Dr. Charles Fishman on being chosen as the poetry winner in Aesthetica Magazine’s creative writing contest. Cool! Check out his awesome interview below:

Click to read Dr. Fishman's interview.
Click to read Dr. Fishman’s interview.

In the interview, he talks about the Veils, Halos and Shackles anthology focusing on the abuse and oppression of women around the world. You can read more about it at https://www.facebook.com/veilshalosandshackles I’m honored that he chose one of my poems for it.

Meanwhile, I’ve recently interviewed a couple of physicists in chasing this fresh freelance idea. Maybe one of them will help me bend a little time-warp … for blogging of course. I promise to put up a new art crawl as soon as that warp presents itself.

Best wishes!

Secrets of Sandhill Island

Congratulations to my friend Peggy Chambers on today’s release of her romantic thriller, Secrets of Sandhill Island, from Wild Rose Press.  I got to peek at a few scenes during the editing process — poignant, heartfelt and fresh. Don’t you love stories of mature love? ~ Lucie

Here’s a note from Peggy:

imageI am proud to announce my new romance suspense novel Secrets of Sandhill Island is being released by Wild Rose Press Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

If you love a suspense novel with a mature romance running through it set on a tiny tourist island, you will enjoy Secrets of Sandhill Island. On a tiny island in a ramshackle beach house, Meg, an heiress, is hiding from her family’s dubious past. Her true love, Evan, died thirty years ago in a storm at sea, she thought. Did her father really have her lover killed and if so does everyone on the island know about it but Meg?

image“This is from Graham.” The man plunged the hook deep into Evan’s chest. Blood spurted every direction as Evan’s eyes bulged and he gasped only once. The man in the ski mask quickly pushed him over the side into the dark, churning water.

Meg will have to give up her life as a hermit if she is going to live life again. Secrets of Sandhill Island will be available in Kindle and paperback formats January 14, 2015.


Art Crawl: Breathtaking

Sometimes an image stands out for its ethereal beauty or thought-provoking depth. Sometimes it reaches out and grabs your attention.  Art that demands a second look can help you open up to a concept you never considered or just take your breath away.

The beautiful, unnamed work featured above is part of an exhibit in Hoboken focused on peace called PAX.  This powerfully quiet piece connected with me today amidst the chaos, especially the hi-res version at nj.com (click into slide slide show image for the full version).  It looks like an awesome exhibit if you’re anywhere near New Jersey.  (Please write if you can identify the work and artist. I’d love to interview them.)

In New Orleans at the gallery Twenty-One Fourteen, the collaboration between Margaret Meinzer and Ben Gregory has resulted in works that play with your imagination.  “Luncheon on the Grass” (below) is just an appetizer.  Click the image for an online collection of both individual and collaborative works.  Even better, drop by the gallery while you’re in The Big Easy.

Click to view the full gallery

No artist has ever captured “Courage” like the people of Paris today, breathtaking:


And from Times Square:


Art Crawl: Defiance

Enduring repression can be challenging enough, overcoming it even more so. This week I was drawn to art that rose above the pressure-boiler. Grabbing my attention first, “Double life” at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston used immersive light, sculpture, dance and poetry to make me damn curious. I intended to view it in Houston this weekend but the ice storm has blocked that excursion so I’ll invite you to go see it for me.

Imagine: “Haegue Yang’s Mountains of Encounter (2008) is a labyrinthine sculptural environment of suspended Venetian blinds whose bright red slats are illuminated by moving spotlights.” Yang has brought out the experience of clandestine meetings with a goal of revolution.  He did it with window coverings. Contemporary a la Scarlet O’Hara? I say it’s proof there are no barriers to creating world-class art. The whole exhibit blends dance, light, poetry and visual experience. There are just a few images online (click image below to whet your appetite for more.) We all have until mid-March to get to Houston. At least it’s not summer.

Click to view a small online gallery
Click to view a small online gallery

— LA Weekly documents the experience of a cartoonist in the county jail.  The story includes a whole series of articles drawn with a golf pencil.

Golf pencil drawing by Elana Pritchard
Golf pencil drawing by Elana Pritchard

And over in London, the Tate is featuring Sigmar Polke and thanks to my fave TimeOut London we can sample a small online gallery of his work. Eddy Frankel says, “Stuck in post-war Germany, between the Soviet realism of the East and the pop artistry of the West, Polke (1941-2010) fitted in nowhere, and pissed everyone off … this show makes a brilliant case for Polke being remembered as one of the true giants of his generation.”

Sigmar Polke, "Dr. Berlin"; Click image to view online gallery at TimeOut
Sigmar Polke, “Dr. Berlin”; Click image to view online gallery at TimeOut

Again, these works should be experienced. They change color or morph as you walk past, so if you’re on that side of the pond by February 8, drop into the Tate.

Art Crawl Returns

With the brain feeling great and my writing in full gear, I’m sampling art from around the world each week.  I share them to promote greater understanding of street art so please click through for the full stories and galleries of larger images. Amazing!

Street art feels fresh, immediate, unexpected.  Over at Street Art Utopia, they did a fab piece on this DALeast project in Poland.  Immense in scale, the mural manages to project incredible peace.

DALeast for Galeria Urban Forms, click for full image
DALeast for Galeria Urban Forms, click for full image

A Brooklyn artist, lmnopi, created images that cut to the core of Ferguson. Again, click over to view a full gallery of her amazing work.


Not all street art is painted. This image from London’s Graffiti Kings’ Facebook page must have been a hoot to shoot!

The Graffitti Kings are some of the best-known artists in London. Check out their site.
The Graffitti Kings are some of the best-known artists in London. Check out their site.

And finally, Vandalog featured the open walls movement this week with this image that I really loved by an artist called Ever. Baltimore

Click to visit Vandalog
Click to visit Vandalog

Thanks Y’all!

So many folks have been sharing the sale on DISTORTION on Twitter, Facebook and in booklists:

Ebook Discovery's "Ten Top Cop Thrillers and Murder Mysteries for Christmas"
Ebook Discovery’s “Ten Top Cop Thrillers and Murder Mysteries for Christmas”

Plus eBookSoda chose it as one of their top Thrillers/Suspense last weekend:

I’ve been helping some friends edit this week so have had little time to write on PARADOX. In the meantime, a writer friend just inked a wonderful deal with Harper US and UK. Wow! What a wonderful event to celebrate this holiday. Drop by and follow Liz at http://lizmonsterwrites.wordpress.com/. She’s one to watch.

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