Voice like Billie’s

Insanely busy week — and of course now PARADOX just needs to come out — so I’m reposting this from when I had like six followers. It’s so relevent to what I’m writing now and to NaNoWriMo. Good day everyone. I will post an art crawl on Thursday. ~ Lucie

Lucie Smoker

When Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, or even Rob Thomas sings a tune, you know exactly who is singing before the artist is identified. Another person could sing the same lyrics in the same tone, but wouldn’t have their unique voice.  For example, here are clips of Billie Holiday and Janice Joplin singing Summertime:

Background: Great writers also have a unique “voice,” –but if it isn’t in their exact words, then what is it and how is it achieved?

Kurt Vonnegut wrote about EB White:

“No one would care how well or how badly [he] expressed himself, if he did not have perfectly enchanting things to say.”

To me, the author’s voice is between the words.  It’s not his style, but underneath that.  The voice is what the writer has to say: thoughts on life and the idiosyncrasies of individuals.  Yes, the voice comes through themes, word choice, pacing and tone…

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