Art Crawl: Resurrection

This morning as the world is celebrating Resurrection, my thoughts are spiraling on the women of Nigeria, the heroes of Ireland’s Easter Rising and the role of art in elevating our world, our everyday existance.  Art’s transformative power has never been more needed.

Ephemeral images endure in our hearts’ memory:

The Netherlands hosted a Van Gogh parade last September, but these floats are still turning up all over Twitter. Click for the full Slate Magazine image gallery.


No matter how subtle:

Click to see CityLab’s feature on Brazilian artist “Dalata” by John Metcalf


Sometimes we rise by stepping back:

Click over to de zeen Magazine’s full feature on Phillip K. Smith’s anti-cabin


By defying expectations:

A nightlight transformed by Oklahoma artist, Lisa Magyar, at my local arts fest


Or by “failing”:

The Easter Rebellion’s heroes were booed and attacked by bystanders. Click to read their declaration.  Thanks Wikimedia!


On this day of all days, please remember that women all over the world are suffering, dying—and rising.




Click to learn more about this important book.