For Art Focus: a spotlight on Tessa Raven

Take a look at the July/August issue of Art Focus Oklahoma spanning artists from 19-year-old Tessa Raven (my article, pp 6-7) to 70-year-old Sharon Montgomery. Art connects with all of us in unique ways at different points in our lives. Continue reading For Art Focus: a spotlight on Tessa Raven

Voice like Billie’s

When Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, or even Rob Thomas sings a tune, you know exactly who is singing before the artist is identified. Another person could sing the same lyrics in the same tone, but wouldn’t have their unique voice.¬† For example, here are clips of Billie Holiday and Janice Joplin singing Summertime: Background: Great writers also have a unique “voice,” –but if it isn’t … Continue reading Voice like Billie’s