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Imagination and research

As I dive more fully into my next book, I get to do more research.  Y’all have no idea how much fun it can be to write a book.  Ride-alongs with police, going out to the country to shoot an AK-47, figuring out just what it feels like to come back from a coma.  While most authors tend to base our work in life experience, … Continue reading Imagination and research

On Voice

“I’ll be so annoyed if our speaker talks about ‘voice,’” said a writer-friend. Sort of amazed me. At the same time, I can understand how frustrating hearing about voice can be. It’s like saying a romantic interest has that certain je ne sais quoi. Turn on a radio. If you’re lucky, the dj will be playing a rockin’ tune by an amazing artist. If you’ve … Continue reading On Voice

A Passion for Story

Writing for me boils down to one thing:  passion, the drive to tell my stories. To stay authentic, to keep being myself, that passion has to drive all my writing decisions. With my boys gone, I left the day job to write full time. I took on a few more freelance clients to pay the bills, but mostly  I’m savoring every moment of living in … Continue reading A Passion for Story

The Day After Yesterday

I wore orange yesterday to raise awareness about violence against women.  The UN’s idea was that we would go out in force and people would ask why everyone wore orange.  One problem: in my Oklahoma city, nobody else knew about the campaign. Yet violence against women around the world is pandemic.  It’s something I address in my books and I want to share a few … Continue reading The Day After Yesterday

Art Crawl: Get me through this week!

Heading into the holiday, most of us will be surrounded by family, some like me will not, but either way, we might need a break–and might not be able to leave the festivities for a gallery. I was penning an article that got me thinking about place, about family and finally about self-determination. How much of who we are is tied up in heritage or community? … Continue reading Art Crawl: Get me through this week!