A Kindle Top Ten Murder Mystery Feb. 2014and Kindle Top 20 Nov/Dec. 2013, thanks to YOU! Distortion is a dark crime novel told from the point of view of the “bombshell” who isn’t stupid, evil or blonde. An artist, Adele Proust paints  a crime scene in reverse perspective and turns a murder investigation backwards—onto her friends. Much appreciation to: Reviewers are saying:“Riveting”“The intrigue and lies … Continue reading Distortion

Imagination and research

As I dive more fully into my next book, I savor the chance to do more research.  Y’all have no idea how much fun it can be to write a book.  Ride-alongs with police, going out to the country to shoot an AK-47, figuring out just what it feels like to come back from a coma.  While most authors tend to base our work in … Continue reading Imagination and research

On Voice

“I’ll be so annoyed if our speaker talks about ‘voice,’” said a writer-friend. Sort of amazed me. At the same time, I understand how frustrating hearing about voice can be. It’s like saying a romantic interest has that certain je ne sais quoi. Turn on a radio. If you’re lucky, an old-school dj will be playing a rockin’ tune. If you’ve heard that artist before, … Continue reading On Voice