Thursday Night Art Crawl: Read Not the News!

Who needs news when we have faces to read?  Expressions drawn by Honore Daumier jump right off the page to make you smile, ponder or even cry.  Here is a wonderful exhibit of Daumier’s drawings on “Reading,”: I love the dreamy image of the man on right. Visit the full Daumier Online Register for information on all of its exhibits. And from New York a … Continue reading Thursday Night Art Crawl: Read Not the News!

Talkin’ Dialect

Sorry folks, I’m from the South and proud of my y’alls and my several-syllable pronunciations of single-syllable words. When the word police complain about dialect in writing, I have to ignore them. Like the food police, I think they lose me when they deny our regional individuality. Still, dialect can be tricky. a writer peer once said that she believed written dialect always made the … Continue reading Talkin’ Dialect

Um, Four Steps to Author Sanity … maybe?

As an author, I pride myself on writing clean prose, but I can’t say the same about keeping up my writing space since Distortion found its publisher.  Seems my writing life needs more time and my already-stretched days yield less time for organization. Today that’s finished. Writer mess, find another patsy!  Here are 4 steps I’m following to prevent writer chaos: 1)  Fresh words: Start … Continue reading Um, Four Steps to Author Sanity … maybe?

Editor Interview with Mari Farthing

Day 3 of the I-Wish-I-Was-at-Bouchercon-Party It’s late in the day since I had to unexpectedly go into work early, but our virtual con must go on.  To start off the evening, I put a happy hour toast and some other environmental conference notes at The Absolute Write Mystery Room’s Party Thread.  And now to our very special editor interview. Imagine that you have scheduled a … Continue reading Editor Interview with Mari Farthing