(Wedding Candles by Marc Chagall, one of several works stolen in PARADOX.) Looking forward a couple months, I have an opportunity to focus all my writing energy on Paradox. Each of my recent anthology publications diverted a little energy from my current work in progress. When you work a day job, that means cutting writing time. I tell stories because I need to. ¬†Like many … Continue reading #amwriting

A Silver Lining

It’s a high-pitched sound, somewhere between a ringing and a rushing of water. Constantly reverberating in my left ear, it seems to be the movement of fluid through the inner canal. I didn’t think much of the sound until one day last fall when, congested from a virus, I couldn’t tell which way was up. Turns out occasional vertigo along with the ringing is a … Continue reading A Silver Lining

Talkin’ Dialect

Sorry folks, I’m from the South and proud of my y’alls and my several-syllable pronunciations of single-syllable words. When the word police complain about dialect in writing, I have to ignore them. Like the food police, I think they lose me when they deny our regional individuality. Still, dialect can be tricky. a writer peer once said that she believed written dialect always made the … Continue reading Talkin’ Dialect