Words, picture, potential.

The past week ushered in several changes:  a new physician leading my team, a new scholarship for my son, an art exhibit I’m planning in my hometown and a new writing project. Sometimes change can feel scary, but right now it just feels great!

Check out my words in a simple little story at the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition blog, then bookmark the blog. It’s chock-full of great art:

Sharing Jason Willaford's Vinyls with Skeptical Teens

Sharing Jason Willaford’s Vinyls with Skeptical Teens

Picture: I contributed a photo of PURE JOY emanating from my son (taken by Enid Library) to Oklahoma Women Bloggers. It’s not often that teens smile that big. Click the logo to view it:

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

And finally, the potential. I’m writing more creative nonfiction and saw a Kickstarter startup this morning that just ties right in:


A qwerkywriter


PS: I’m not paid to advertise it or anything on this blog, just saluting a great idea!



An idea sends you into action. You can’t stop thinking about it—this magnificent concept that will make some small corner of the planet brighter, smarter, more connected. Sure, maybe it’s just a corner, but if everyone did just one corner…

So I’ve been working on a little art project in my small town and can share that I’m just thrilled with the welcoming response from the community development folks, the state art association, possible guest artists and even the willingness of local businesses to provide space. WOW! It’s just now perched at this moment when it’s about to take off and WILL happen. It looks so pristine as a perfect idea about to become real. Now to knock out the kinks.

My small community seems to be exploding with ideas just now. There’s a film festival opening here next month, ongoing community events and a really energetic local yarnstorming movement. Creativity inspires creativity. Check out the film fest. You have 5 days to submit, I mean, INSPIRE someone.


Be a catalyst.


My appreciation to All Mystery E-Newsletter for recommending DISTORTION to their subscribers.  If you love mystery, you should really belong to their list.  The Thursday “Dirt Cheap Mystery Reads”  picks the best sale or reduced- priced books each week so you can steal a great crime novel. Seems appropriate.


Or you can check out DISTORTION at some libraries. Here’s a photo from the time I found it in stock locally. I’m happy to say that the first two times I looked it was out.


and thanks to Ashley, an OKC reader who made my day with this blog photo. I just love running across DISTORTION in unexpected places.

I’m still not really doing the book promo thing since the relapse, but probably did enough before February that it’s still getting a little notice. I really appreciate the mentions and the support from fans and the READERS!

Write me on the contact page if you have any feedback. I love hearing from you.


Suspense for a Long Weekend and Beyond

Thanks to Ebook Discovery for including DISTORTION in their “Not for the Faint of Heart” thriller selections for the day. there are several great selections on the list, including some free ones so check it out here:


I have sort of withdrawn from the book promotion arena lately so it’s a nice surprise when someone is kind enough to bring up DISTORTION. I hope to be publishing fiction again quite soon. More on that to come.

For those of you who are fans of suspense, I’m working on book column in honor of Hitchcock’s birthday and love to include reader recommendations. One caveat: they must have an OK connection, either on the shelf at an OKC bookshop, written by an OK author or recommended by an Oklahoman. Feel free to send short recs for that on my contacts page.

And finally, a note on believing in yourself:

After an invitation and very strong encouragement from an editor, I applied for a big-time writing grant. Per her advice, the goal isn’t even to get the grant, but to make the finals so national magazines will give me a second look. But the fact is that my writing is already benefitting from the grant proposal. I feel so much better about myself and my words since putting my best out for those judges. It forced me to look at myself in a more positive light.

I won’t know anything until October—and the suspense may kill me—but in the meantime, I have been forced to take myself more seriously. Isn’t that something we all have to do first, before we can expect the industry to do so?

The new Art Focus Oklahoma is On Newsstands

This month’s issue is full of great articles about artists all over the state. I was especially impressed by the art of Troy Jackson and the indigenous photography. Click any of the images here to reach the full issue. I wrote about Jean Richardson (below) exhibiting at the state capitol and the Saltfork Artist-Blacksmiths.


Click to read online or pick it up at a nearby newsstand for the full effect.

Click to read online or pick it up at a nearby newsstand for the full effect.

I really want to encourage those of you interested in learning the ancient craft to hook up with these artists. They couldn’t be nicer and you never know when you’ll discover that medium that brings out your inner voice. Plus a good fire always lights up party!

I’m feeling great but, I know, not posting often. Just busy writing and working on family projects. My eldest son is prepping to go to USC this fall. My baby is going to high school.

Send me kleenex art.